Bob Barton

Bob Barton

I started riding in 1971 on a Kawasaki 125 dual purpose bike. The following year, I moved up to a 650 Triumph Tiger street bike. I rode that for a couple years and then tried riding enduro events for a few years in the mid 70’s.

Around 1981 I bought a Suzuki 550 street bike and rode that to Laconia in 1982 and North Carolina in 1983. I replace it with a 1983 Kawasaki 750 Ltd. That bike was ridden until 1992 when I sold it.

I took off 20 years from riding until I bought a 2004 Harley Road King in 2012. I joined HOG in October 2012.

I presently ride a 2018 Harley Road King.

I enjoy day trips that last 50 miles or 200 miles. I also enjoy long road trips that can last 3 days or 3 weeks.