Ride 365 Back for 2019

Ride 365 Back for 2019

We are reviewing and finalizing the mileage for 2018 and will be posting the winners soon. We will also include a section on hog.com where Chapters and members can access their 2018 results.

As we move into 2019, please keep the following in mind:

Get started now:

Visit your sponsoring dealer to have your mileage read. Your 2019 miles for the year will be based on this, so the sooner the better!

Check in whenever you like:

Every time your dealer reads and enters your mileage, your Chapter totals on hog.com will be updated. It’s up to you how often you update your mileage, but it’s great to see how both you and your Chapter are doing throughout the year, and how you’re doing against other Chapters.


At a minimum, make sure you get back to your sponsoring dealer by the end of the year to get credit for all the miles you’ve ridden in 2019.

The technical stuff:

  • The first mileage reading of the year will trigger entry into the current year contest. While the 2019 mileage at this point will be zero, it does accumulate mileage for Lifetime.
  • If your dealer already has an ending mileage reading for you from 2018, they can simply re-enter that for your 2019 starting mileage and use your current mileage as the ending mileage.
  • If no previous mileage reading exists, your dealer will enter your bike’s current mileage in both the ‘Beginning Mileage’ and ‘Ending Mileage’ fields.
  • If you have a member for whom you would like to catch up historic mileage, please only enter it as the first reading of the year. If you have questions, please contact your RM for details. We are working on an FAQ now to help.

Ride 365 Journey Challenge

New for 2019, the Ride 365 Journey Challenge replaces the ABCs of Touring. The new, simplified contest makes gaining points easier with more opportunities to win prizes.

  • Only 4 categories
  • Get a point for a dealership visit and stop in as many times as you want anywhere in the world
  • Points for any H.O.G. Rally visit
  • Points for any H.O.G. Member Check-In
  • And points for a photo at any of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company facilities

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